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Shu Takikawa's produce at the Marmorstein property

Shu Takikawa's produce at the Marmorstein property.


Sustainability for a restaurant means making business choices that will have the least impact on our environment.  Supporting the local farmers in our rich agricultural community, buying grass fed beef and wild fish are choices that the owners of  the Los Olivos Wine Merchant & Café, Sam and Shawnda Marmorstein, have made for their business for many years.  As they began to grow their family, what they ate became even more important.  Supporting the local community has become the essence of what makes The Los Olivos Wine Merchat & Café who they are.
Sam and Shawnda’s Bernat Vineyard & Winery is officially a CCOF Certified organic vineyard located a mile from the restaurant.  Shu Takikawa, a local organic farmer with a reputation that goes beyond any accolades he could ever receive, farms 4 acres on the Bernat property.  Even Sam and Shawnda’s children are getting into the action by growing herbs and selling them to the restaurant. 

Bernat Syrah grapes just before Harvest

Bernat Syrah grapes just before Harvest.


The Los Olivos Café has developed lasting relationships with many of the local organic farmers through the years. Here is a list of local organic farmers that you may enjoy the fruits of their labor when you dine at the Los Olivos Wine Merchant & Cafe.

  • The Garden Of.....”, 3 Acres farmed 1 mile away at the Owners’ of the Los Olivos Wine Merchant & Café’s property.
  • Paol Palmer, 3 Acre 1 mile away in Los Olivos
  • Jacob Grant, 12 Acres 1 mile away in Los Olivos
  • Steve Loyal, 20 Acres 5 miles away in Santa Ynez
  • Finley Farms, 20 Acres 5 miles away in Santa Ynez
  • Bruce Steele, 8 Acres 12 miles away in Buellton
    Farm run on bio-diesel
  • Drew Herzoff, 10 Acres 35 miles away in Nipomo
  • David’s Blue Ribbon Honey, 45 miles away in Arroyo Grande
  • Robert Abbott, 80 Acres 45 miles away in Carpinteria


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